The Vacuum Tank Truck


Doing the world’s toughest jobs

Pumping sceptic tanks and portable bathrooms is not a pretty job, but it is honest work. Someone has to do it. To the misinformed individuals who think the average sceptic tank and portable bathroom cleaner goes home covered in filth, one look at a start-of-the-art vacuum tank truck will have you thinking otherwise.

A technology to admire

Vacuum tank trucks are highly advanced. They automate the job of manually removing sludge from sceptic tanks and porta-potties, so no person has to come in contact with the waste. As long as you have an individual to connect the pumper to the tank, you’re good! It’s a technology that is truly admirable in its fundamentals, one that makes the human aspect a little less messy. For that, we thank you.

At Keevac Industries, we design, build, and sell the innovative vacuum tank trucks that assist waste management teams, nationwide. Our trucks aren’t just built for sceptic tanks and porta-potties, but liquid waste disposal, waste water, sewer cleaning, and hazardous waste disposal. Have a special request? Visit our website or call (866)-789-9440 and let’s discuss customizing possibilities!

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untitledFor all that it’s worth (and for some people, it’s worth a heck of a lot), tax season can be surprisingly burdening. You’re forced to figure out what to do with all this money that Uncle Sam has dumped on your lap. Many squander it in a hurry, splurging on any little impulse, with little thought, for little gratification. We suggest avoiding that route, and instead, urge you to invest the money into your business.

Add to the fleet

Running a business that involves the operation of waste service trucks is tough. Those types of vehicles are often in high demand. If your fleet is limited, it can be difficult to take on a high volume workload. So invest your tax refund in another truck and bolster the fleet. The more trucks, the more business, the more money. Simple as that.

When you’re ready for a new member of the team, we at KeeVac can help. We’re industry-leaders in the field, and have practically revolutionized it throughout 8 years in business. Visit our website for more information!


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The Beauty and Benefit of Customization


Vacuum Truck

A custom job you can put your waste service vacuum truck on the map. This re-branding can turn the truck into a marketing tool on wheels. The catchy pun stands out, and draws people to it. Branding your truck in this way will help it to be remembered. When you’re driving, you’re marketing – whether you’re stopped at a red light or rumbling down the highway. The Stool Bus offers you the chance to participate in the ground-floor launch of a national brand.

Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Allow your trucks to do double duty, with our help. Call us at 303-789-9440 or toll free 866-789-9440 or visit us online: Keevac Waste Service Trucks.

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What is Biodiesel Fuel and How Does it Work?


Grease Collection Trucks: Part of the Process

Making fuel from vegetable oil is something that 40 years ago would be a quantum leap in the search for fuel alternatives. Today, though, it is just part of the conversation that is changing the way that we get from A to B. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that can be used in any diesel engine without modifications. It reduces toxic emissions by 90% and is renewable, sustainable, and domestically made! It all begins at a restaurant, where a local owner gives you their grimy collection of grease. Naturally, you collect it into a truck that can carry it. At Keevac, these grease collection trucks can be ordered and serve as a useful tool to a better fuel option.

Final Steps

The oil is then heated to 120-130 F, filtered to remove food particles, and then mixed with methanol and sodium hydroxide to produce a homogenous solution. After an hour of agitation, it is put out to settle overnight. To get in on this environmentally-friendly option, visit us online or call us at 866-789-9440.

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Outdoor Event Planning Logistics to Consider

The Significance of a Porta Potty truck

The outdoor festival: the intersection of good food, good music, good weather and good times. In a few months time, when the sun warms the ground and the air and we return to relish in the outdoors, tickets will be sold to outdoor festivals and carnivals all over the country. While the obvious elements are easy to take heed of, such as parking, pricing, musical guests, and the like, there is one aspect that you would be remiss to overlook: the porta potty situation. At the end of each festival it is important that your on-site facilities remain clean and well kept.

A Portable Toilet Truck

Maintaining functionable porta potties is an essential part of any successful outdoor event, be it two days or two weeks. To ensure that your attendees are well taken care of, enlist the help of the portable toilet truck experts at Keevac.

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The Many Uses of the Pickup Truck

Truck Vacuum

The pickup truck is the staple of the American car culture. It represents the unique American maverick spirit and the hard-working attitude the USA embodies. The pickup truck is synonymous with versatility, capable of performing a wide range of functions. On construction sites, the pickup truck can tow equipment, carry supplies, and haul away scrap materials. It’s the perfect weekend companion, rugged enough to lug a couple of ATVs into the mountains, or for all the fun equipment necessary for a fun day at the beach.

Sewer Truck

It would come as no surprise then, that the pickup can also be used as a liquid removal hauler. The slide-in pumper units from Keevac fit into almost any pickup truck. If need be, the tanks can be custom fit for your specifications. See what other Waste Removal options they have.

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Biodiesel Fuel: The Best Alternative Fuel You’ve Never Heard Of

vacuum trucks

In a world that has seen years and years of unease in the Middle East, gas prices have been steadily climbing. This has forced many business owners to cut back, while others are investing in alternative fuel options. If you haven’t previously considered biodiesel as a possible fuel source, the time may be ripe to do just that!

vacuum tank truck

The advantages of biodiesel fuel over other energy sources are numerous. First and foremost, biodiesel emits less pollution than its petroleum diesel counterpart. It is also a renewable energy source, and there is evidence to suggest that the lubricating property of the biodiesel may lengthen the lifetime of engines.

vacuum truck sales

The trucks here at Keevac have a multitude of uses. One key function is as transport of grease to be converted to biodiesel fuel. This ingenious usage of leftover oil may soon revolutionize the transportation infrastructure on a permanent basis. It is therefore vital to ensure that your business is not left in the proverbial dust.

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