Biodiesel Fuel: The Best Alternative Fuel You’ve Never Heard Of

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In a world that has seen years and years of unease in the Middle East, gas prices have been steadily climbing. This has forced many business owners to cut back, while others are investing in alternative fuel options. If you haven’t previously considered biodiesel as a possible fuel source, the time may be ripe to do just that!

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The advantages of biodiesel fuel over other energy sources are numerous. First and foremost, biodiesel emits less pollution than its petroleum diesel counterpart. It is also a renewable energy source, and there is evidence to suggest that the lubricating property of the biodiesel may lengthen the lifetime of engines.

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The trucks here at Keevac have a multitude of uses. One key function is as transport of grease to be converted to biodiesel fuel. This ingenious usage of leftover oil may soon revolutionize the transportation infrastructure on a permanent basis. It is therefore vital to ensure that your business is not left in the proverbial dust.

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