The Many Uses of the Pickup Truck

Truck Vacuum

The pickup truck is the staple of the American car culture. It represents the unique American maverick spirit and the hard-working attitude the USA embodies. The pickup truck is synonymous with versatility, capable of performing a wide range of functions. On construction sites, the pickup truck can tow equipment, carry supplies, and haul away scrap materials. It’s the perfect weekend companion, rugged enough to lug a couple of ATVs into the mountains, or for all the fun equipment necessary for a fun day at the beach.

Sewer Truck

It would come as no surprise then, that the pickup can also be used as a liquid removal hauler. The slide-in pumper units from Keevac fit into almost any pickup truck. If need be, the tanks can be custom fit for your specifications. See what other Waste Removal options they have.

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