The Vacuum Tank Truck


Doing the world’s toughest jobs

Pumping sceptic tanks and portable bathrooms is not a pretty job, but it is honest work. Someone has to do it. To the misinformed individuals who think the average sceptic tank and portable bathroom cleaner goes home covered in filth, one look at a start-of-the-art vacuum tank truck will have you thinking otherwise.

A technology to admire

Vacuum tank trucks are highly advanced. They automate the job of manually removing sludge from sceptic tanks and porta-potties, so no person has to come in contact with the waste. As long as you have an individual to connect the pumper to the tank, you’re good! It’s a technology that is truly admirable in its fundamentals, one that makes the human aspect a little less messy. For that, we thank you.

At Keevac Industries, we design, build, and sell the innovative vacuum tank trucks that assist waste management teams, nationwide. Our trucks aren’t just built for sceptic tanks and porta-potties, but liquid waste disposal, waste water, sewer cleaning, and hazardous waste disposal. Have a special request? Visit our website or call (866)-789-9440 and let’s discuss customizing possibilities!

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