The Vac Truck – Taking Care of Business


A fully pumping septic tank is a true marvel

Pay attention when putting together a septic pump truck. Actually, you probably shouldn’t do it yourself because vac trucks are complex machines. They require pumps, hoses, and other intricate gizmos to do what they do, effectively.

Make sure you have a professional nearby if you see a portable toilet truck for sale, because if it malfunctions, you’ll have quite a mess on your hands.

Utility machines

Vacuum tankers are not just one-trick ponies. Most don’t just take care of septic tanks; they also do porta potty service, liquid waste disposal, waste water, sewer cleaning, grease disposal, sludge disposal, and hazardous waste disposal.

A sound investment

If you’re looking to invest in a vacuum truck look no further. We at KeeVac can help. We can custom design a sanitation service truck to meet your exact needs. Or choose from our fleet, we have many portable toilet trucks already built and ready to rock.

Visit our website for a quote on a custom built waste disposal truck.

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3 Commonly Rented Vehicles


  1. Moving trucks – The most commonly rented truck is the moving truck, since it’s the best way to move your items from your old house to your new house. There are many different sizes of trucks available.
  2. Passenger vans – Most people rent passenger vans to travel with a big group of people. With its large gas tank and roomy interior, it’s easy to figure out why. Travel in comfort with a passenger van.
  3. Service trucks – Service trucks are commonly rented by people who plan on doing some construction work or a large yard project. It’s great for people who don’t do that type of work often.

Looking to rent vacuum service trucks? Well make sure you visit for a trust renter of vacuum trucks.

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System


  1. Conserve Water: Your septic tank can only hold so much water at once. Conserve water by taking shorter showers, doing laundry over multiple days, and so on to avoid septic tank overflow.
  2. Only Biodegradable Items: Biodegradable goods naturally decompose overtime. Flushing non-biodegradables into your septic system reversely can build up and clog your septic system, causing overflow, or water contamination. Stick to flushing only biodegradables for septic tank durability.
  3. Avoid Heaviness Above: The last thing you want is a heavy item crushing your septic system. Be sure to build swing sets, garages, and the like away from your underground septic system to avoid accidents.

Are you looking for a portable septic system? Keevac offer septic waste trucks, perfect for portable waste disposal.


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